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Thank you Journalists, bloggers, media people, trend watchers, channels etc for covering us. We will always strive to create better products and do stuff which makes our products cover worthy. And sometimes we may not be able to send you hi-res pictures in time, we may not agree with the story line you are working on but we truly appreciate you taking that extra effort to locate and chase us.

We insist on getting questions on email cause it gives us time to do a search on the meanings of some of the terms asked. We usually do not know what most of the fancy design terms mean. But we know that we are not KITSCH.

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Want a helping hand?

1. What places do we ship to?

A: We ship our orders across India.

2. How long would my order take to reach?

A: 4-5 working days via Standard Delivery.

3. Can you ship my order within 1 day?

A: Yes, we offer Next Day Delivery at selected pincodes. Read More

4. What is the status of my order?

A: Please click the 'Track Order' button in our website footer.

5. Do you ship outside India?

A: Yes, we can. Please fill the for here

6. What is USTRAA?

A: USTRAA is men’s grooming range by Happily Unmarried.

7. My question is still not answered?

A: Please use the 'CONTACT US' section in this Help tool.

You can also call Us! (10 AM - 6 PM, Mon-Fri)