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  • Special Wali Chai Mugs Set of 6

    Special Wali Chai Mugs Set of 6


    Why dip your biscuits in anything else?

  • Chai Glass

    Chai Glass


    For only glass Chai Drinkers.

  • Aaila Chai Mugs - Set of 4

    Aaila Chai Mugs - Set of 4


    Ab Do Dost Do cup mein chai peeyenge.  

  • Ek Mint Chai Mugs

    Ek Mint Chai Mugs


    Always make time for tea.

  • Chai Glass- XL

    Chai Glass- XL


    For heavy tea drinkers.

  • Dream It Coffee Mug

    Dream It Coffee Mug


    Dream it or screw it

  • Shanti Cafe Coffee Mug

    Shanti Cafe Coffee Mug


    Baba ji ki booti

  • Good Day Coffee Mug

    Good Day Coffee Mug


    Today do nothing

  • Drink More Coffee Mug

    Drink More Coffee Mug


    Coffee lovers get this 

  • Sex Green Coffee Mug

    Sex Green Coffee Mug


    Green tea is the new LSD

  • Bibliophile Coffee Mug

    Bibliophile Coffee Mug


    Book lovers will love this

  • Filter Wali Coffee Mug

    Filter Wali Coffee Mug


    Mooch nahi toh kuch nahi.

  • No More Fucks Coffee Mug

    No More Fucks Coffee Mug


    Say it like it is

  • Critically Acclaimed Coffee Mug

    Critically Acclaimed Coffee Mug


    Phantastic Coffee Mug.

  • Fan Club Coffee Mug

    Fan Club Coffee Mug


    Keh Ke Lo.

  • Gandhi Coffee Mug

    Gandhi Coffee Mug



  • Yoga Coffee Mug

    Yoga Coffee Mug


    May the peace be with you.

  • Delhi Coffee Mug

    Delhi Coffee Mug


    For a piece of Dilli.

  • Khan Coffee Mug

    Khan Coffee Mug


    For not paying huge parking fees!

  • HU Coffee Mug

    HU Coffee Mug


    For being the coolest single in town.

  • 1-2 Cha Cha Chai Mugs

    1-2 Cha Cha Chai Mugs


    For hindi chini bhai bhai!

  • Black Sheep Coffee Mug

    Black Sheep Coffee Mug


    What the flock am I doing here?

  • KLPD Coffee Mug

    KLPD Coffee Mug


    For happens to everyone type of nods!

  • Mamu Coffee Mug

    Mamu Coffee Mug


    For good morning to your favorite relative!

  •  In Tea Mate Chai Mugs

    In Tea Mate Chai Mugs


    Isi liye Mummy ne tumhe Chai pe bulaya hai.

  •  Office Wali Chai Mugs

    Office Wali Chai Mugs - Set of 4


    For the warm liquid which is passed as tea at office!

  • ProCrastinator's Mug

    ProCrastinators Mug


    The most popular notion.

  • Pind Coffee Mug

    Pind Coffee Mug


    Home is where the Pind is!

  • Start Up Coffee Mug

    Start Up Coffee Mug


    For both funded & non-funded start ups.

  • Late Night Coffee Mug

    Late Night Coffee Mug


    Best ideas come at night.

  • Chandigarh Coffee Mug

    Chandigarh Coffee Mug


    City beautiful merchandise

  • F Coffee Mug

    F Coffee Mug


    When the guests make an appearance.

  • Filmy Coffee Mug

    Filmy Coffee Mug


    Coffee pee lo, thandi ho jayegi.

  • Mooch Coffee Mug

    Mooch Coffee Mug


    Mooch nahi toh kuch nahi.

  • Exit Box

    Exit Box


    The Best Office Farewell Gift

  • Davara Tumbler Set

    Davara Tumbler Set


    Filter Kaapi lovers only

  • AIRLIFT Coffee Mug

    AIRLIFT Coffee Mug


    AIRLIFT Coffee Mug

  • Killler Coffee Mug

    Killler Coffee Mug


    Killer Wali Coffee

  • Horn Please Coffee Mug

    Horn Please Coffee Mug


    Chai coffee ok please.



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