14 Little Known Places To Eat And Relax In The Hills

Every once in a while, when life gets boring and monotonous with all that work and the summer sun is bearing down on you with great fury, you start getting the calling from over the hills and far away. Inviting you to go, relax, chill and be free!
So, if you find yourself in the hills anytime soon, check out these lesser known eateries to satisfy your wanderer soul and tummy!

1. Open Hand Cafe -Leh

Started by an international export house that also runs 3 cafes in India, its famous for its coffee and muffins. An easy, calm and relaxing place to forget all  your worries. And like all adventures, you end up meeting travelers from distant places!


2. Lala’s Cafe – Old Town, Leh

An old Tibetan Monastry, which was saved from demolition in 2006 and restored and converted into a gallery/art cafe. Visit this place for a relaxed feel with great Ladakhi tea and snacks.




3. Bon Apetit – Leh

The sunsets at this place are just glorious. It offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the hills in Leh, and is a great place to dine at! They serve excellent food and there are books to keep you company while you wait for it to come!
bon appetit2

bon appetit


4. Gravi T the boulder Cafe – Leh

Gravi T is part cafe and part climbing/bouldering gym. Yeah, you heard that right. This unconventional delight of a place is for adventure lovers and mountaineers to interact. Its also known for its banana shake.


5.  Drifters Inn -Old Manali

Located within in the realm of peace and calmth of Old Manali, this place is often frequented by travelers who want to experience the ‘real’ hills and not just the urbanised tourist centres. Refreshing talks with fellow backpackers, occasional acoustic performances and board games are what you should expect from this place!



6. JJ Exile Brothers Moms Kitchen – Mcleodganj

Named after the 3 Tibetan brothers, this little charming cafe serves great breakfast, coffee and momos. Run by their very enterprising mother, who also manages the band. Not to be missed.


7. 1947 Cafe – Manali

1947 symbolizes freedom and serves some of the most exquisite Italian dishes prepared with ethnic Italian cheese and spices. They have routine music nights too, making hanging out there all the more fun!
cafe 1947


8. Ramana’s Organic Cafe – Rishikesh

You can enjoy a variety of organically grown salads and vegetables, homemade soups, and fresh baked goods, while lounging on the upstairs patio, situated above the Ganges River overlooking both the holy river and a bubbling creek surrounded by flowers and trees. What more does one want in life?


9. Baba’s Cake – Almora

Yet another unique, one of a kind place that’ll surely surpise you. Baba Cake is a small chai shop on the main road which is owned by a retired holy man – Baba – and his wife German Isabelle. Yeah! Its just as cool as it sounds.



10. Emily’s at Rokeby manor – Mussourie

Actually at Landour. The Rokeby Manor is a restored 1840 building, whose previous owner was Fredrick Pahari Wilson. The man who was the inspiration behind the character played by Sean Connery in the movie the Man who would be King. Old world. Quaint. Re-live the times of Ruskin Bond!


11. Clock Tower Cafe – Mussourie

A quaint cafe on the mountainside with a beautiful view of the valley, The Clock Tower Cafe is known for its handmade pizzas and delicious Chinese street food. Its a popular hangout for both the tourists and town folk. A perfect place to gather around with your friends and relax over a cappuccino and homemade cakes.


12.  Revolver (Hotel and Restaurant) – Darjeeling

A Beatles tribute hotel and cafe, Revolver is a cozy and nice place to chill in Darjeeling. You can also treat yourselves to some cool Beatles memorabilia while you’re there.


13. Wake and Bake – Shimla

Offering great ambiance, a really cool vibe and great food, Wake and Bake is known as the Central Perk of  Shimla and for good reason too!


14. Cafe Cariappa – Kodaikkanal

While you are in Kodai, go to Cafe Cariappa. They have the best organic coffee and the yummiest cakes and boy, isn’t it a charming little place! The interiors that boast a keen eye for design, gives you a timeless vintage feel like no other.

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