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The history of Happily Unmarried starts with the Neanderthals. Our team of archaeologists can say with a lot of surety that all the Neanderthals were happily unmarried. We even have a Tee shirt which says that. Of course since our programmers are still in the Neanderthal stage they may have forgotten to link it to the shopping page. So go to the shopping page, click on Tee shirts and voila!

As time progressed, we became humans. Suddenly there was a general pressure to make life more complicated.The making life complicated thing continued for a few thousand years. Meanwhile in a civil war against making things complicated, we lost Dinosaurs, Dodos, most of the Tigers and a few other 100 thousand creatures which we can't  remember, but all of them were happily unmarried (now you get the picture).

Then came the year 2003 and people said enough is enough. The Happily Unmarrieds re-grouped under the Happily Unmarried company and started propagating their wisdom to all.

Things like:

Have fun with what you do

Keep life simple

Mind the gap

Do not wear ties to work

Press Star key to continue 

You get the drift

Wait, you get the drift is not the wisdom they were propagating. We mean you get the drift about the kind of wisdom they were propagating.

So this is it. Here we are in the year 2000 something (can't write the exact date, God knows when this section will get updated again) and the happily unmarried company continues to sell fun, packed neatly in little brown boxes. We organise music festivals and have a little thing going on facebook as well.


To know more about us perhaps the text below may be of some use.

Happily Unmarried was anti established in 2003 with no vision and no business plan. Actually at some point we did make a business plan but according to that we should have retired 5 years ago.

We make fun products, we do music festivals, we work with corporates when they want to do interesting work and lately we have been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, interiors, marketing all rolled into one 

This online site is to provide you a simpler, more meaningful consumer experience. Before you say, hold on guys this is just an e-commerce website and not a self help book, we say click here and start shopping.

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1. What places do we ship to?

A: We ship our orders across India.

2. How long would my order take to reach?

A: 4-5 working days via Standard Delivery.

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A: Yes, we offer Next Day Delivery at selected pincodes. Read More

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A: Please click the 'Track Order' button in our website footer.

5. What is USTRAA?

A: USTRAA is men’s grooming range by Happily Unmarried.

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