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AC Moisturizing Cream - Oily Skin - 100g



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Verified Customer Reviews

Himanshi Patel

Purchased on: August 7, 2020


Super light on skin

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Vijaya Kanude

Purchased on: August 5, 2020


This is my 5th buy and it is no less than heaven for my oily skin type ❤

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Monty Vaghela

Purchased on: May 21, 2020


Suggest All My Rascals.

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Karmveer Singh

Purchased on: January 8, 2019


Best product

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Santosh Ramachandra

Purchased on: November 26, 2018



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Sobia Abdin

Purchased on: October 31, 2018


No cream has ever suited my combination skin so well!

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Purchased on: October 28, 2018


Although I haven't used it under an AC environment it does a decent job of keeping things less-oily, relatively speaking that is because depending on how Oily one gets this may or may not work as expectedly. But it is not bad either, it seems to do the job well for most occasions, for now.

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Monika Godara

Purchased on: July 12, 2018


Nice smell and best for oily skin

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Revati Jadhav

Purchased on: July 9, 2018


I love how it's not sticky and you just feel Good!! Thank you so much for such amazing products!

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Purchased on: July 10, 2018


Now I have used this one n this is a rockstar. Though i have a oily skin but i need something to moisturise n this is the perfect partner for my skin. I can feel how smooth my skin becomes and it adds a slight glow!!! Touchwood

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