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Body lotion - Cottonseed & Plum - 200ml



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Verified Customer Reviews

Bhavya Suvarna

Purchased on: August 25, 2019


Rated 5 stars

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Kajal Biswas

Purchased on: October 22, 2018


Excellent & Superb Product.

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Ishani Mondal

Purchased on: September 6, 2018


The only product I liked among the three.

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Draumi Kapadia

Purchased on: July 11, 2018


Like the description says, it's not sticky and has a very mild fragrance. It's good, nothing extraordinary about it though.

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Janhavii Pathak

Purchased on: June 21, 2018


It is actually not clingy and has a beautiful fragrance.

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Himanshi Maheshwari

Purchased on: April 27, 2018


I really like that the smell of it is so subtle and different from what is usually available in the market. I don't have any complains regarding the smell but I didn't exactly find it very moisturizing. My hands were feeling the same as they were before this. They were just smelling good.

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Dhvani Patel

Purchased on: April 26, 2018


Yess indeed its a good bt should improve the fragrance means its good bt not that strong n long lasting other evrything is fab❤️

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Disha Halder

Purchased on: April 21, 2018


its good and have a nice fragrance.

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Huda Sarguru

Purchased on: April 14, 2018


The fragrance is amazing it lasts long and the feel after the application is awesomely soft and non sticky

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surya prasad

Purchased on: March 1, 2018


Great! Bought a second bottle!

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