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Body Wash - Lavender & Vetiver - 200ml



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Verified Customer Reviews

vidhi kapoor

Purchased on: September 29, 2020


Amazing...this is my 2nd purchase

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Sunita Shankar

Purchased on: September 17, 2020


Great body wash..!!

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Vaishnavi Chavan

Purchased on: July 28, 2020


good fragrance

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Uma Panging

Purchased on: July 7, 2020


Really really smells good. In love with this body wash. After use, the enchanting lavender aroma remains on the skin for a long time.

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Rubeena Bhatt

Purchased on: March 15, 2020


This is the best body wash i have ever used.. And it has soothing fragrance of lavender.. It is good for dry skin.. I am just loving it..

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susmita mondal

Purchased on: September 18, 2018


Such a lovely body wash..smells amazing

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Revati Jadhav

Purchased on: July 9, 2018


This Body wash is Amazing! I really love it!! It's been 3 days since I have been using this body wash and I kid you not I have been in a good mood all the 3 days!!!!

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Lavanya B

Purchased on: July 11, 2018


But the quantity is not much!!!

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Janhavii Pathak

Purchased on: June 21, 2018


I love lavender and the fragrances are refreshing.

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Karthik Ravindranath

Purchased on: June 18, 2018


Awesome freshness

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Happily Unmarried, because we didn't like the way grooming products are made and sold to women. Hence, we decided to do something about it! We've been doing fun lifestyle stuff for a while but now we've decided to make the grooming space more interesting.

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