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Beard Softener & Cologne - Base Camp (100ML) thumb
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Beard Softener & Cologne - Base Camp (100ML)

`1365 `1949

Beard Pride.

When you are known for the beard you wear, let it shine!

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That dense and long beard of yours needs maintenance to keep it healthy and good looking. Ustraa Beard Softener has exactly what it takes to keep your beard soft and manageable, with top notch ingredients that are SLS and Paraben free.

Our fragrances are made by a French perfumer, in a way that best suits the Indian skin types. Preferably use after a shower, not more than twice in a day. Can also be used on your clothes.

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  • BEES Wax (SF)- Is derived from the abandoned honey combs of honey bees and is considered a natural emulsifier and thickener, it is also anti-inflammatory.
  • Shea Butter- Shea butter is considered nature’s best gift for the skin, from sun burns to pore tightening to anti-wrinkle to anti-septic Shea butter is pure magic for your skin.
  • COLOGNE - Opinion (100ML),
  • Aqua- Water is used for dilution of alcohol and retention of fragrance, as alcohol evaporates quickly the water penetrates the clothes and retains fragrance longer.
  • Specially formulated Fragrance- These fragrances are made with a mix of various fragrances to produce the signature Ustraa scents.
  • Beard Softener
  • Cologne - Base Camp (100ML)

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