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Ustraa Lip Balm for men - 10 gm thumb

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Ustraa Lip Balm for men - 10 gm thumb

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Ustraa Lip Balm for men - 10 gm thumb


Ustraa Lip Balm for men - 10 gm


Keep Calm And Use Lip Balm.

There may not be a manly way to apply a lip balm but there is no alternative to fix dry and chapped lips either.
We promise It won't give your lips a shiny look, we've taken care of that.

Just to make it more manly we've added Dark Rum Chocolate Flavour.
Now smile cause it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your lips.

How To Use:
Use desired quantity on lips as and when required

  • Dark Rum Chocolate Flavour
  • Helps in correcting dry, tired and sun-damaged lips
  • Almond Oil helps in preventing your lips from chapping and dryness
  • Completely natural Beeswax Base helps in retaining moisture on dry lips
  • Shea Butter - It helps in correcting dry, tired and sun-damaged lips. Shea butter also has antioxidants such as vitamins E and A, which helps in protecting your lips.
  • Almond Oil - Almond oil rejuvenates the dead cells, prevents chapped lips and moisturizes your lips. The oil itself is considered best oil for lips.
  • Beeswax Base - Completely natural Beeswax base contains natural emulsifiers, which help in retaining moisture, especially on dry and chapped lips.
  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E helps in keeping your lips looking younger & fuller and also block free radicals from settling and chapping the skin.

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Hardik Patel

Reviewed on: September 10, 2018

Super product smells really good


Akshat Jha

Reviewed on: September 3, 2018

Amazing ❤️


Pradyumna TK

Reviewed on: July 28, 2018

The product is amazing but what i felt was it would have been good if it was available at a lower price.


Abhijot Singh Toor

Reviewed on: July 18, 2018



siddharth dandin

Reviewed on: July 11, 2018




Reviewed on: July 3, 2018

I love the aroma of this and people got attracted after using this due to this coffee beans smell.



Reviewed on: July 1, 2018

Worth spending money over it


Pradeep Rathod

Reviewed on: June 30, 2018

Looks good as of now. Coffee flavor is too good...


Amey Kshirsagar

Reviewed on: June 24, 2018

Chocolate smell is bit strong but does the job properly


Malay Baraiya

Reviewed on: June 20, 2018

That's what a lip balm is, dark rum chocolate ....


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